Benefits Of Appointing Us

Experience – Claim Solutions is constantly exposed to insurance policies, their interpretation and application.  We guide you through the actions which need to be taken, the documentation requirements and liaise with loss adjusters and insurers.  We quickly bring any issues to your attention.

Independence – We provide prompt, independent advice on the loss quantification and the extent of any insurance cover.

Efficiency – Our many years of measuring financial loss allows us to identify losses sustained and costs incurred, gather the necessary documentation and present progress claims promptly to facilitate prompt payments vital to restore cash flow.  

Completeness We ensure all losses sustained and costs incurred are claimed.

Loss Minimisation – Should a loss occur it is important to implement all actions to minimise its impact.  If this is not done any insurance claim may be compromised.  We are regularly exposed to businesses in crisis and provide considerable experience in loss minimisation. 

Continuity - Some losses can take in excess of 12 months or more to resolve. You or your staff may not be available to attend to the claim over its full term.  Our appointment brings continuity.

Familiarity – We have established relationships with loss adjusters, insurers and brokers. This assists the claim process.

Practicality – We provide practical solutions to complex claim issues.

Time - Appointing us to prepare the insurance claim allows management to devote more time to loss minimisation and ongoing business activities.

Cost – The cost of your time to prepare a claim is unlikely to be covered by the insurance policy.  The cost of our time may be covered under your insurance cover.

Let us find your claim solution.

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