Within the industry Claim Preparation Services are well known, however, outside the industry, many insureds are unaware that our service exists.  They are often surprised to learn that assistance is available.

When we discuss our services with a first time claimant a number of questions often recur:

Who do you represent?
We are independent consultants who represent the Insured.
How can we help?
We are claim specialists who represent you.  We gather information in relation to your business, your loss and the information necessary to present your claim in accordance with your insurance cover.  We work with you, the loss adjuster and insurer to resolve your insurance claim.
Will the Insurer or the Loss Adjuster object to your appointment?
No, most commercial policies contain cover for claim preparation expenses.  In many instances loss adjusters have recommended our appointment as they know that the claim will be presented in accordance with the insurance cover.
What areas do you cover?
We prepare claims for Insureds throughout Australia and overseas.
Who pays your fees?
The Insured pays our fee.  In most claims we prepare, cover is available for Claim Preparation Costs and The Insured receives reimbursement of our fee from The Insurer.
Do I have adequate Insurance Cover?
It is important to establish whether your cover is adequate and we will work with you and your insurance advisers to determine this at the earliest opportunity.  Our quarterly newsletters contain many articles providing tips to ensure your cover is right.
Let us find the Solution to your Claim, please contact us on +61 3 9642 8578 or email: info@claimsolutions.com.au