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Spring 2018

Esso Longford 20 Years’ Later
Gas Disruption – Losses Claimed
Public Utilities – Policy Response
Odd Spot

Summer 2016

Underinsurance - What is it?
Underinsurance - Property?
Underinsurance - Business Interruption?
Ten Tips to Improve the Claim Experience

Spring 2015 

Is It a Tornado?
When is a Storm Not a Storm?
Some Like It Hot
Shelf Cloud
Risky Business

Winter 2015 

The Time Machine
Reasonable Dispatch
Due Diligence
Expected Results
Time is of the Essence
GST & Claims
Progress Payments

Autumn 2015

The Scene - Edmunds Essentials
The Property Damage Claim
The Business Interruption Claim
NSW - Wettest in 25 Years!

Summer 2015

The Plan - Industrial Special Risks (ISR)
The Recipe - Policy Wording
The Celebration
History of Losses
Q&A With Claim Solutions
Lindt Cafe & Terrorism Pool

Spring 2014

The Insurance Landscape
The Simpson Desert - Indemnity
The Pacific Ocean - Quantum
The Human Psyche - Attitude
Journey's End

Winter 2014

Declared Value on Gross Profit - DIY Tips
Sub-limit on Additional Costs - DIY Tips
Sub-Limit on Claim Preparation Costs - DIY Tips
Space Junk!
Reinstatement - What Does It Mean?

Autumn 2014

What is Gross Profit?
What is an Increased Cost?
What is a Saving?
Cyclone Ita.
Benefits of Appointing a Claims Preparer

Summer 2014

Would you board the Titanic?
Would Perform Hamlet Without a Script?
Underinsurance & Business Interruption.
Recovery of Uninsured Losses.

Winter 2013

The Past.
The Present.
The Future.
New Website Launch.
Frequently Asked Quetions.

Autumn 2013

Cyclones & Fires!
ISR Road Trip.
Cause - The Amber Light.
Damage - The Green Light.
Exclusions - The Dead End.
Provisos - The Roundabout.
It's Not the Amalfi Coast.
Importance of Accurate Reserves.
Odd Spot - Meteor Impact! 

Summer 2013

From Calamity to Claim.
Australian Natural Disasters.
A World Without Insurance.
Get Your Cover Right – Flood Versus Storm.
Under Insurance.
Avoiding Under Insurance.
Over Insurance.
Insurance Policies and Claim Professionals.

Spring 2012

What A Time It Has Been!
Five Keys To Claims Success

Autumn 2011

The Underinsurance Clause – What Is It?
The Underinsurance Clause – Why DoesIt Exist?
The Dilema!
The Solution

Summer 2011

Ten Ways to Improve the Claim Experience
Choosing A Claim Preparer
Odd Spot – Ushci the Angry Cow

Spring 2010

Earthquake – Christchurch
Earthquake – Checklist
Other Earthquakes in New Zealand
Earthquakes in Australia.

Winter 2010

Still Cleaning Up Catastrophies
Extra Cost of Reinstatement
Stock Salvage
Cessation of Business

Autumn 2010

Wild Weather
Iceland Volcano
Texas- How Lucky We Are

Summer 2010

Joe Willis Wins Claims Scholarship
Ten Ways to Improve Claims
Hidden Costs
Lock Up the Great Dane

Spring 2009

Earthquakes & Tsunamis
Business Interruption
Fire Marks

Winter 2009

Swine Influenza
Importance of Documentation
Five Good Reasons For Prompt Payments
Odd Spot - Snakes Alive!

Autumn 2009

Bushfires – Immediate and Short Term Impact
Bushfires – Long Term Impact & Rejuvination
Odd Spot – One Hot Dog

Summer 2009

Queensland Storms
Non Insurance of SMEs
Queensland's Windy History
Deyrolle Taxidermy Case Study
Odd Spots - Merry Christmas

Spring 2008

Melamine Baby Milk Contamination
iPod Lithium-ion Batteries Overheat
To Recall or Not To Recall
Product Recall Case Study
Odd Spots - A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To...

Winter 2008

Gas Disruption - Western Australia
Fire in a Coal Mine - Not so Unusual!
Gross Profit Versus Gross Revenue
Odd Spot -Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom

Autumn 2008

Queensland - And The Drought Breaks.
Claims & Catastrophes - Spare a Thought For.....
Risk Management - By Sid Levett
Odd Spot - Impact by Falling Cow!

Summer 2008

Choosing a Claim Preparer
The Benefits of Using a Claim Preparer
Assignment Highlight
Odd Spot – Fire Prediction

Spring 2007

Equine Influenza - Insurance Impact
The Lady Cutler - Engine Failure
New York Explosion - A Case Study
Odd Spot - The fire that wouldn't go out

Winter 2007

Sinkhole in Guatemala, South America
Mud Volcano in Sidorarjo, East Java, Indonesia
Floods in England, United Kingdom
Tornado in Taranaki, New Zealand
Erosion in Shishmaref, Alaska
Earthquake in Gizo, Solomon Islands
Uschi the Angry Cow

Autumn 2007

Global Warming -
What's Covered & What's Not?

Summer 2007

Replacement & Reinstatement –
What does it mean?

 Spring 2006

Climate, Sony Lithium-ion Battery Recall
Product Recall in Australia
Stock Damage and Claims

 Winter 2006

Climate, Claims and Premium Change
An Interview with An Insured
The Stock Reconstruction

 Autumn 2006

Hazards of a Tanning Salon
Material Damage - Additional Benefits
Business Interruption - 15 Top Tips

Summer 2006

Town evacuation
Physical, loss, destruction or damage
Something's fishy in Lake's Entrance
Bird flu and infectious diseases
Stock and progress payments

Spring 2005

From Tornadoes to Cyclones
Lady (Sonia) McMahon's Burning Boa
Departmental Clause - A Case Study
The Risk of the Wheelie Bin

Winter 2005

The Earthquake Risk
Like a War Zone
Of Cockroach Bombs and Pilot Lights
Accumulated Stocks
Always Check the Bill

Autumn 2005

Cyclone Devastation
Anatomy of an Indemnity Period
Meteorite Damages
Flood or Storm

Summer 2005

Fires & Hotels
Implications of a softening Market

Spring 2004

Risks & Shopping Centres
Historic Buildings
House of Wax
Termination of Business Interruption Cover

Winter 2004

Olympics and Insurance
The Importance of Business Interruption cover
The Parties to a Claim
Accuracy of Reserves

Autumn 2004

Documentation to Support a Claim
Claim Preparation
Property in Care Custody and Control
Water Damage - Business Interruption Issues

Summer 2004

Melbourne Storms December 2003
Underinsurance - mid term review
Acts of God
Moomba's New Year Crisis
Customer/Supplier Extensions

Spring 2003

Terrorism Insurance Act 2003
Odd Spot - Break out the Candles!
Reinstatement - "Do & Charge" or "Tender"?
Promptness of Progress Payments
Underinsurance & Business Interruption

Winter 2003

Claims Conflict & Independence
The Indemnity Period
Underinsurance - Mid Term Review
The Art of Communication

Autumn 2003

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
Property - Extra Cost of Reinstatement
The Schedule of Insurance
The Dreaded Time Deductible

Summer 2003

Chairlift & General Area Damage
Business Interruption from Burglary
Claim Preparation Costs - What is covered?
Recovery of Uninsured Losses

Spring 2002

The Hard Market – Impact on Claims
Trends – Impact on a Claim
Dynamite Denim – Salvage Sale Clause
Fidelity Guarantee – Case Study

Winter 2002

The Importance of Being Earnest – Documentation
Economic Loss – Case Study
In Whose Interest – Interest and Claims

Autumn 2002

But our Deductible is Too High – Incident and Aggregate Deductibles
Privacy and Claims
GST, Claims & Cash Flow

Summer 2002

Fire Can Strike Twice
What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong
Dual Basis Payroll

Spring 2001

Perhaps We’re in for a Drought
To be Covered or Not – Loss Minimisation
Payroll – 100% or Dual Basis

Winter 2001

Odd Spot
Meatworks Fire
Extra Costs Times Three
When is a Claim Finished


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